There is no 

 Planet B

Climate change. Plastic waste. Water shortage. Our planet is under pressure. 

Humanity is facing enormous challenges

The United Nations’ seventeen Sustainable Development Goals show that humanity is facing enormous challenges. While the protection of the biosphere is the unshakeable basis for all future progress.

Founders take action for planet earth

All around the world entrepreneurs take action for our planet. They start innovative impact-driven companies that contribute to the UN's sustainability goals from day one.

They take huge risks to build a better economy for all of us. They deserve our support!

But early-stage capital and support are the bottlenecks of change.

Today even high-impact startups have difficulties to find early-stage funding and support since they are difficult to evaluate in traditional financial schemes. 

But startups need access to capital and support to flourish. And we need high-impact startups to build a better future for all of us.

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to advance an economy that serves the people and the planet.

We are building Planet A to empower the startups the planet needs.

Planet A will be an early-stage investor supporting startups that make a measurable positive impact on planet earth.

Let’s take action for the planet. Together!

Planet A will start business soon. Until then keep in touch by sending us a message.